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On The Military Battlefield and Beyond

Do not miss a heartbeat; dare not blink.  Know what needs to be done and follow through no matter what happens.  Do not hesitate; there is no room for fear or even a millisecond of weakness.  It is your oath … Continue reading

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Turning the Page; My Book of Inadequacies​

I recently told a friend, I was afraid of what people might think of me if they knew who I really was deep down inside.  She looked at me quizzically.  Yet, I realized this was the truth I had created for … Continue reading

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What Grows in Your Life-Garden?

Negative experiences happen, but we do not have to let them move in and hold as much of our life space hostage, as they tend to often times do. We experience a myriad of both positive and unpleasant moments each … Continue reading

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Grow Your Wings on the way Down

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Into the Midst – My Experience with Dissociation

It took me a moment to realize, the rumbling in my mind was my own heartbeat. Insistent….strong and unrelenting.  Sweat began to mist up on my skin, sliding down between my shoulder blades.  I could hear her voice, out on … Continue reading

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Leaning in to discomfort…

Brené Brown – shares with us the concept of leaning in to discomfort.  Sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it?  So why would you do it and what are the benefits? What does it mean to “lean into discomfort?”  Why would you do … Continue reading

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Doing it or Having it – Because You Always Have

I found myself re-thinking some of the items in my home recently, that I felt did not quite fit well anymore.  They were not really serving the same purpose, in the same way as before.  Yet I had them because I … Continue reading

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